Types of Skin Cancer and Information about Treatments

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Types of Skin Cancer and Information about Treatments

Skin cancer is a serious disease that takes the lives of millions of people every year. The majority of skin cancer cases are not discovered until it has reached an advanced stage, which can be from several years to decades after a person is diagnosed with the disease. Some skin cancers are more aggressive and are more difficult to treat and others are simply a normal mole that grows and dies as the body goes through its regular cycle of growth and death. This article focuses on three of the most common types of skin cancer and what causes them.

Basal cell carcinomas:

Basal cell carcinomas are a type of skin cancer, which usually develops on areas of skin that are exposed to sunlight. It is also more difficult to detect than other types of skin cancer, making it harder to detect early.


Melanoma is also another type of skin cancer, which is normally found on the arms, legs, and chest. This type of skin cancer is caused by abnormal skin cells that spread through the body. When these skin cells grow out of control, they can grow in size and reach unhealthy masses around the organ that they are growing on, such as the lungs or heart. People who have a family history of melanoma are more at risk of developing this disease than those who are not exposed to sunlight on a daily basis.

Tumor cancer:

The third type of cancer that affects the skin is commonly referred to as tumor cancer. This is most commonly found in people who have light skin tones or blonde hair. Tular cancer develops in the follicles on the outer layer of the skin. Like melanoma, it is also more common to develop if a person has a family history of this disease.

Squamous cell cancer:

The last type of cancer is known as squamous cell cancer, which develops in areas where the body has already been exposed to an excessive amount of UV rays, such as near the mouth, lips, eyes, and nose. People who work outdoors or in areas with an excessive amount of sunlight are also at a higher risk. Also, people who spend a lot of time in tanning booths are at a higher risk for squamous cell cancer.